The 3 Career Mistakes Worth Committing Once

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 21 July 2014, 09:14 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Most of us come across advice-based articles online to avoid major mistakes, but have you ever read about articles on career mistakes you should make? If not, here is one you would want to know. Sometimes, lessons don't really stick in your mind unless you have firsthand experience of that mistake—and all the consequences that result from it directly. So in order to meet those challenges, here are 3 career mistakes you should make, not too often but only once, as reported by Forbes.  

Mistake #1: Overpromising And Underdelivering
It’s a natural that,  if you’re newbie in the office it’s pretty likely that you want to impress your boss, clients, and co-workers—and you’ll do almost anything to prove your worth. In this transition, individuals make the mistake of overpromising and not coming through once, and this instance will get you on guard to never make it again.
By committing this mistake once, you’ll realize that it’s far better to be completely realistic about what you can offer, whether it’s to a client, your boss, or your team. Moreover, after this instance, you are bound to do even better than you promised to your customers, which is better than disappointing them.
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