In today’s world, digital mesh gives access to stockpile of information but lacing this ... more>>
To facilitate startups in converting their innovative ideas into viable businesses, IIT Mandi ... more>>
With an aim to promote interaction and collaboration between two premier institutions of the country -- All India Institute ... more>>
 As complexities riddle the problems that we face in our world, it is important now more than ever for us to develop vo... more>>
The term ‘Gap Year’ in international academic parlance specifically refers to a voluntary break students take be... more>>
LearnPick, a Kolkata-based online conglomerate and community bringing passionate tutors together, introduced a novel & h... more>>
PALS (PAN IIT Alumni Leadership Series), an educational initiative of Alumni of all IITs, organized a conclave at IIT Madras... more>>
QS-I-GAUGE, an independent private-sector initiative specialized in rating colleges and universities awarded an overall DIAM... more>>
Publishing defined broadly means the activity associated with the preparation and dissemination of books, journals and other... more>>
An Engineering degree is regarded as the ideal embodiment of intellectual capacity and is highly sought after in India for i... more>>
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