Why most Women Managers are Bossy?

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 27 June 2011, 10:04 Hrs   |    51 Comments
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How do you feel going to an office where your bossy woman manager is waiting for you? Do you search for excuses to get away from her?

Women are more independent now, but at times the feeling of independence and power portrays the darker side of a woman. Women give a stiff competition to men in all field of work, and they are not lagging behind in grabbing the chairs for top positions from men. The tug-of-war between men and women has changed the attitude of women in handling top notch positions and managing their subordinates.

A survey done by researchers from University of London revealed that bossy females are much less likely to shine in the boardroom, which means that women with bossy attitude can never be a good manager or they cannot lead a team.

Let's take a look at the behavior of bossy women,

Emulate aggressive male behavior

Women by default are inculcated with sensitiveness and they are generally not harsh. But women in top position tend to build the male aggressiveness in them they dominant their subordinates. But in many cases it turns in a different way. While trying to act like a man, they lose their sensitivity and they won't be able to handle their employees.

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Reader's comments(51)
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Posted by:chetan - 30 Jun, 2011
3: If somebody doesn't deserve a post and get it luckily, then this behaviour is expected from them.
Posted by:Prasanta - 30 Jun, 2011
4: good article altough i m also lady but i have fill so.....
Posted by:cpt rajeshawri - 29 Jun, 2011
5: What rubbish ! the article as well as all the comments to it...
Posted by:Sita - 29 Jun, 2011
i agree! though it is a good eye-opener into the sexism and discrimination in India that still pervades even after much of the rest of the modern world has embraced equality.
walla Replied to: Sita - 04 Jul, 2011
7: As Per My Personal Experience of Working with Women Boss , It's Really Very Uncomfortable , as women boss are always remain very Tense & worried , they JUST ACT like too much of Over Conscious & Responsive . The Fact Is A Women Is Not Internally STRONG , DETERMINED & CONFIDENT Like a MAN . Its Very Uncomfortable To Working With Women
Posted by:Subhayan - 28 Jun, 2011
8: Women Manager's aggressiveness comes from 2 reasons. 1. They feel insecure having achieved the positipon. 2. They suspect their male subordinates and peers. out insecurity comes defensive behaviour, jealousy and politics. Suspicion brings restlessness and poking at the subordinates even in irrelevent situations. Thus they generally fail to make a positive impact on the corporates. Of course there are exceptions such as Indra Nooyi but the world does not know inside stories about female corporate bosses.
Posted by:MV Rao - 28 Jun, 2011
9: My experience is just the opposite, women managers' if given the respect due to them is more accommodating and sensitive than the male managers according to my real life experience.I totally disagree with your survey which is biased.
Posted by:balakrishnan - 28 Jun, 2011
10: Women now a days are at key positions. But this does not prove that women in general are better than men. Everyone has their own qualities. But what I feel, in general women are not fit for work with much pressure. Have noticed many of the female colleagues behave strangely when they are under pressure at office (they give strange reaction to anything you say at that moment) and at other times their behavior is normal. Obviously for a manager the pressure is more. (Again it varies from case to case). So from this observation, this article makes sense.
Posted by:OneObservation - 28 Jun, 2011
"they give strange reaction to anything you say at that moment"

Agree with you. Absolutely correct.
Dipankar Replied to: OneObservation - 28 Jun, 2011
12: These days most of the women managers are doing extremelty well. They are as competent as men rather sometimes better than men.

One can't say only women managers are bossy. There even men who are bossy. Ultimately what is important for both men and women managers effectively getting done the work.
Posted by:Dr. Nicholas Correa - 28 Jun, 2011
Whichever field u go u will find men are the best. people like u show sympathy to woman and offer good positions to women which they don't deserve.
Prasanta Replied to: Dr. Nicholas Correa - 30 Jun, 2011
Very True
Arpit Replied to: Prasanta - 30 Jun, 2011
15: Its not the question of gender at all. Its all about humanity and the capability of understanding people's side as well as business. According to me, women are more controllable and they think before speak.
Posted by:euroneem - 28 Jun, 2011
16: All Women managers are not bossy. Why they tend to be like that because members under her will take advantage of being a female. To overcome that she shows her authoritativeness. When members are not going as per plan, they show off their authority. But the same thing when a male manager does, is taken lightly because, our society has been habituated only male managers.
Posted by:Padmavathi - 28 Jun, 2011
You are wrong they show their Authority or what ever when they are not pleased. Even if the things are going on well they have this attitude of butting in and making their stupid presence felt. And god save you if they think you are rubbing them on the wrong side (pun intended).
Raju Srivastav Replied to: Padmavathi - 28 Jun, 2011
18: Not surprised after reading this article. Always not only bossy women even the collegues creates a mess and confusion among the team members in order to show that she knows every thing which is not true.
Posted by:Suvi - 28 Jun, 2011
1000% agree
jitendra Replied to: Suvi - 28 Jun, 2011
20: LOL . this must be a research done by bunch of frustrated Men who have got no where LOL.If all of what is written is true then here is some food for thought , Majority of the bosses are men and if they are good bosses there would be no attrition. Most of the people crip about their bosses and complain about the dirty games and inhuman behaviour and mind you , most of them are MEN BOSSES .LOL. so i think the researchers should realise that it is the ROLE that is in Question . Its not about being a man or a woman . Also, EACH point applies to MEN Bosses as well and this can be PROVED with facts and real data so a meesage to the researchers of this article. CHECK YOUR FACTS LOL.
Posted by:R_V - 28 Jun, 2011
Dont LOL @ R.V you do not even have the guts to write your name. I think you are one frustrated employee who has never had the luck to work under the fair sex ( woman ie.) Even your English is poor it is not MEN BOSSES it should be Male Bosses.So you mean if all bosses were Female there would be no Attrition - some starved guy you are.So you want to prove with facts and data that your Boss (MALE Obiviously) is no good either. LOL @ U . A woman can smile and stop an Army, a woman can Cry and kill a Man and is she wants to she can easiely hold you by your B olo s and make you scream in pain. so be prepared the woman is here to rule.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: R_V - 28 Jun, 2011
22: As the article rightly mentioned that women are as equivalently capable as men and is giving serious compititions for top jobs . But I would like to assert that "Bossy" word is alway taken with a negetive factor to it .Bossy men are also now a day not accepted similar to Bossy women .. the corporate looks for team work and good leaders who can take their team / people along with them in their success and failures . Being Bossy is only inviting trouble with human and team domain in the company and necessarily looking to invite complaints from team members . Now a days these are taken seriously by HR . Being assertive in possitive manner leading ur team out of trouble , cracking solutions is todays way to go distance ....in corporate world .
Posted by:jith - 28 Jun, 2011
23: Its not like women are less capable that men but when a men is a manager he has friedly with his male subordinate and soft cornor for female subordinate so both got benifited from him but when a women is manager she maintain a distance from male subordinate, no soft cornor no extra favour and with female subordinate in many case she is having jelous factor so both are in trouble when a women is the boss
Posted by:vipul pal - 28 Jun, 2011
it's true...
rajesh Replied to: vipul pal - 28 Jun, 2011
Venkateshwaran Replied to: vipul pal - 28 Jun, 2011
26: women colleagues are fine, but i dont have any idea y women bosses are so pain !
Posted by:soumik - 27 Jun, 2011
Not fine - FUN
Raju Srivastav Replied to: soumik - 28 Jun, 2011
28: hi
Posted by:vipul - 27 Jun, 2011
29: I agree most women managers are bossy, but not all of them. we have men who are even more bossy than women. so it really doesn't matter if your boss is a Man/Woman. I feel a manager will loose he or she will become bossy because of the following reasons
1.He or she doesn't know the work they are assigning to their subordinates and expects them to finish the work with unreasonable time lines (because they themselves don't know the work).
2.If the role you are in is more of task orientation and top management questions his performance every now and then.
3.He himself got bullied by his manager and to remove his frustration he had to drill it down to his sub ordinates.
Posted by:gem - 27 Jun, 2011
I think you are fully confused . Do you mean he or she.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: gem - 28 Jun, 2011
agrre on a lighter note ...
jith Replied to: gem - 28 Jun, 2011
32: Yes Lady boss is always a head ache, they usually have no much responsibilities and do not bother to take care of their team, also they are always worried about food, restaurants...etc about their children husbands family.....Funny. I have no idea of some one else but my manager in Symantec Bangalore.......Geetha Chandrashekar she is really a pain in the neck, based on her behavior but she handles a entire team in IDC, hence causing conflicts between IDC and people over the US.....The higher management should be responsible, a manager should really have the skills, then the gender difference the most important thing is the skill
Posted by:Kiran - 27 Jun, 2011
Are you still working for Symantec Bangalore.If so Mrs Geeta Chandrashekar Madam please forgive Kiran he is actually a big fan of yours.Psst He told me that it is not his real name
Raju Srivastav Replied to: Kiran - 28 Jun, 2011
Guess you are really frustated with your manager . Why dont you have a one on one meeting with her and speak your mind . It might help her to improve her behaviour . however I do not agree All lady bosses are headache ....
jith Replied to: Kiran - 28 Jun, 2011
Some are a pain in the neck
Raju Srivastav Replied to: jith - 28 Jun, 2011
Sad to see such comments ...
Dhanya Replied to: Kiran - 27 Jun, 2011
Grow up become a good Boss.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: Dhanya - 28 Jun, 2011
Who ever it's, if the Man/Woman manager is bossy, the subordinates will not accept them. it's not gender specific I guess.

@Mr Kiran, Please avoid pointing your personal conflicts with your manager here.
and in a discussion forum like this, you shouldnt have mentioned you manager's name and the her attitudes here. It's really bad. please delete/edit the comment.
Ranjith Replied to: Kiran - 27 Jun, 2011
39: 01. In millions and millions woman 1 of the bossy woman like
a Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thecher.

The woman only like to be secretary level only not any upper side designation because woman always having ego and creating ego with employes and other atmostpfare also be mess if becaome a lady bossy of the company. male can be do
much hard work then female in any type of atmostphare in round o'clock but female cant be maitain these all things., also emoloyes can be hesitate to ask question and other development guidence with but with male easly possible to ask any thing and think for developments of business.
so these all thing and thinks to be best for male become a boss of the company but not female.
Posted by:krishna dave - 27 Jun, 2011
did you learn english from BBC news channel. if so, then please listen it in slow motion, i think then you would pick it up better.. :) :P
solicitor Replied to: krishna dave - 29 Jun, 2011
Brother, even Indira Gandhi was a biggest disaster for india.. No woman can become a good manager atleast in India.. They belong to a society, in which they are supressed the most.. for them man is an image of a sarcastic brother.. eve teasing rawdies.. etc etc.. Hence, when a female see a man whome she personally doesn't know she relates him to the her this image in her sub consious mind.. that's the reason she cannot cope up with the atmosphere and some time get worse in the stressed situations. Also feel unsecured. there is nothing to do with her intellegence, skills, or if she is better than men or not... a women may be more skilled than men.. but when it comes to peoples' management or repport building she's not...
Avtar Replied to: krishna dave - 28 Jun, 2011
42: A woman boss is more understanding as it her nature. People here have sickening ideas about her. If someone gets along well with her they call the person her boyfriend, et al. If someone is at the receiving end they fail to understand their weakness or carelessness and blame it on the gender of the boss.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
Women (most) are pretty,maybe that's why they get to be the Boss. They can do things a male cannot do. Like smile and get things done and a simple thank you and please also seem bigger than a Bonus. They keep distance in the beginning and then befriend each individual separately and try to create politics at work place. The are so jealous and scheming all the time, but the pretty face will never give away what is going on in the ugly mind.
They will shout and insult for no reason then breakdown and cry at the same time.
The result may be important but what is more important is Me or I there are very few learned women (who I am yet to meat) who will work as a team and not bother about small differences.
It is one thing to know a woman it is another thing to work with her but it is only when you work below her that you will know what a fine personality She is.You cant keep a woman happy all along. SERIOUS.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: JB Padhi - 28 Jun, 2011
are you JB Padhi , the owner of padhi tutorial ?
Niranjan Replied to: JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
45: It is very very easy to look at a person's behavior and typify it without knowing the kind of perceptions people (at least in India) carry about women at work. I,for once,being a woman worker and boss,see it as a very tough balancing act.While a male can get away with so many things,a woman,not only has to break the pre-conceived notions but also gradually build her own,treading the thin line between being "easy/liberal" and "bossy".
Posted by:Shivi - 27 Jun, 2011
46: Some women bosses complain that it is their experience if they try to be more understanding and less bossy and try to be feminine, men try to take this as a weakness and "ignored" their work. They say it is better to be "bossy" and get their work done rather than be "soft" and suffer.
I personally feel a woman should balance her feminine qualities with leadership qualities and should have the tact to deal with her subordinates the right way. It is more difficult for women to manage and she has to put up with a lot of resistance and nonsense. She has to work more than men to succeed. I don't blame these women bosses. I can only sympathize with them.
Posted by:Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa - 27 Jun, 2011
I expect a better answar from a Doc. Like the Lakshman rekha (line) a woman should initially study the team and come to an understanding, after which with some polite words and guidance the team will definitly be more productive and happy. Well yes there may be some Men in the team who will initially be cool and friendly but later wag their tale, it is then the indication that the line has been crossed and the Effective Manager steps in with indications that she will not tolerate such behavior. What for is there reward and punishment if every one is measured by the same yard stick and every one gets shouted at etc. People will obey and keep quite in front of her and have a nice laugh else where.Fear is always the key that makes people work properly but it should be given a nice sugar coating first.
Venkateshwaran Replied to: Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa - 28 Jun, 2011
A manager is one who effectively executes the script written by the leader.If something extra is exhibited by the Female / Male boss, he / she is neither a manager nor a leader. Better quit the position.
veera N Maddikayala Replied to: Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes, i too agree female leads has little less capabilities than male, but when it comes to salaries females will work for less wheras male demands more.So to Manage financially good company, corporates are encourging both the genders.
sree Replied to: veera N Maddikayala - 27 Jun, 2011
irrespective of genders the word boss is very much bossy to an individual,,,once the subordinate says that the person ( boss ) is a tough nut ,, then he/ she is the right person and perfect boss . salary is not a factor either the individusl is a man or woman
s m Replied to: sree - 28 Jun, 2011
whether it's man or woman, a good boss or manager or leader should have leadership quality. Who work for company objectives and guide his/her subordinates to grow as future leader. You should have right attitude and etiquette.
Muktakesh Replied to: s m - 29 Jun, 2011