Why Only Few Women Occupy the C Suites?

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 28 December 2011, 13:59 Hrs
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Bangalore: Though the world has advanced and there is lot of opportunity to explore for each and everybody, the actual fact is, though the competition for achievement has grown to a large extent there is still inequality between men and women in almost every level. People are not ready to give up their old fashioned thinking that women are not good for top jobs.

What can be the reason for this kind of mind set?

It may be because many people are less interested in changing their mindset as it has become stagnant; they are not ready to accept that both men and women are equal. The reason for such attitude is that from many years it has become a ritual that women must always be looked down when compared to men.  Even women are adjusted to that mindset as even many of the women believe that they are lesser to men.

The same attitude has been carried over at the professional level also. Even though many women have struggled hard to get progressive at their profession, they have failed to occupy the higher levels such as the CEOs, CIOs, COOs and other senior level posts.

Don’t you think it is a big issue which has to be brought under the limelight? Why are women struggling to occupy the higher positions in spite of their dedication to work?

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