Lead and Lead with passion- An interview by Rahul Dev, VP - HR Accenture

By siliconindia  |   Friday, 30 July 2010, 09:01 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Q: What are your views towards this online placement platform?
Ans: Online platform is one of the best way which can capture people or which can get people to tie up with the employer as well as with the employees so I think that it is a good interactive platform and a good integration platform between the two and it helps people in the form that you don't have to be physically present so I think it is a good thought in the current placement situation.

Q: What would be your advice to First Job seekers?
Ans: My advice to first job seekers: One is about the leadership: While leadership is generally spoken about as a trait reserved for people who have been living with a kind of status in life. I find that leadership is all about individual. Leadership starts right from your college days. Even at your home your child is a leader in some sense so every student needs to understand that he or she is also a leader. He or she is leading that particular subject. When that person gets a first job, in that first job that person also has to lead that particular thing. He or she may be master of that particular thing and no body knows better than him or her. He or she may have the innovation or creative ideas. Then why not lead? So that's the first point.

Number two is to lead with passion. Something which you are proud of, you are confident about leaded with passion, with love then the energy is seen by everyone. People sometimes know that you do not have experience, people know that you might not have got huge amount of years behind you but people know that your are excited, you have energy, you are dedicated, you are self driven, you are creative and that can not go unnoticed. That is always taken by people.

Q: What were your passions when you were hunting for your first job?
Ans: I won't say it passion as it came in later but what I wanted in the first job was a career which could give me sense of duty, sense of honor, pride and an organization where I could stand up and say right is right and wrong is wrong. An organization which give me managerial courage, where I could take a stand. So I would say Duty, Honor and Courage were my key drivers when I took my first job.

Q: Any tips you would like to give to the students?
Ans: I would sum up in one single sentence "Believe in yourself". No body is better that you in your subject of interest. Be confident about it. So Believe in yourself and that will be seen by the whole world.


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