Job seekers are aplenty; but where is the talent?

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 29 October 2009, 10:00 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Job seekers are aplenty; but where is the talent?
New Delhi: Although the number of job seekers has grown substantially since the beginning of the economic crisis, employers around the globe are having a tough time in finding suitable candidates with the right skills.

According to the study by SHL, a global workplace talent assessment solutions provider, recruiters are still struggling to identify the right people for their firms, despite the fact that unemployment has touched a record high globally. Almost half (41 percent) of the recruiters surveyed said the number of applications per job has increased since the start of the recession.

On the other hand, only 23 percent of the employers covered in the survey have actually found it easier to find suitable candidates. The survey of more than 350 recruiters found that 36 percent have been taking longer to recruit because of the downturn while, the majority said this is because there are more candidates.

"While it may seem that recruiters currently have the pick of the talent due to the increase in job seekers, it appears that this is not necessarily the case. Not only has the sheer number of applicants made it difficult for employers to identify the best candidates, but many employers do not appear to have an understanding of the skills and competencies they actually need," said SHL CEO David Leigh.

Almost two-third (60 percent) employers have become more selective, with a third of them (35 percent) saying they are looking for the best people to help their organisation survive the tough economic conditions, the SHL survey revealed.

Due to the increase in candidates, recruiters are being more selective about experience (69 per cent), competencies (61 per cent), enthusiasm (46 per cent) and fit with company culture (42 per cent), it added.

Further, many employers are also wary of candidates looking for a 'stop-gap' until the job market improves, rather than a job that is actually right for them.

These concerns seem to be well-founded with a recent SHL survey of employees showing that 18 per cent had taken a job in the last year that was not in line with their expectations.

Additional methods of selection have been brought in by two thirds of those recruiters surveyed, including competency interviewing (32 percent), trial periods (26 percent), additional interviews (21 percent) and psychometric testing (13 percent).

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Reader's comments(10)
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Posted by:video converter reviews - 24 Dec, 2011
2: Not sure what people mean by lack of talent. If a person is of average intelligence and has the willingness to learn, with a little bit of help and training he can quickly grasp a new technology and become a useful resource for an organization. The issue comes when the person looses the appetite to learn and gain more knowledge. IT is a field where you need to keep learning all through your career. The honeymoon period is over and today if you have to survive one has to keep learning and go up the value chain.
Posted by:Maulik - 29 Oct, 2009
Do you really think that companies have that much of investment and time for unskilled freshers?

Many companies have even started asking for money from freshers to get training and then start working. And I totally agree to their stand on that.
Gourav Mahajan Replied to: Maulik - 01 Nov, 2009
4: India have pool of talent ,no question arises , u give them right opportunity and right skills with good work enviourment and see how productive they will be at the work.
Its not lack of TALENT its lack TREATMENT done to them .
Posted by:pradeep sharma - 29 Oct, 2009
5: You can't find talent by asking micro questions to people with broad and advanced skills, they not born to keep remebering every micro details, you can find talent by looking at their biodata and by talking to them for few minutes. Such as in IT, it would be stupid to expact people remember every single code. Instead of finding person with specific skill, focus on finding right person, he/she will develop needed skills in no time. Reality is, currently there is no work, these are all excuse. It not the shortage of talent its the weakness of interviewers to recognize talent or may simply protacting their own job by not letting in talented employees. If company not understand who can fulfill their need then how recruiter can.
Posted by:Suresh - 29 Oct, 2009
Excellent post , i had ever seen .In Indian IT industry , basically when Indians interviewing a person , they expect there own way of answer and what code did they know, they expect from the candidate , if it matches then selected otherwise rejected,But when other than Indians (I mean foreigners that is client(white mens)), they are really know the manner how to interview someone , they ask some basic technical question , some technology and your project flow , and selected the candidate.
Its really need for the Senior Developers In IT industry to please check the candidate's basic knowledge and also keep account of there answers not be much egoist about what way u know the same thing , and please select them .One more problem in India is that, The Indian HRs didn't know the meaning of RECESSION , the persons who was fired in time of recession are facing problem in getting job , even if they hav nice knowledge, everytime only one question from HR side"Why THis Gap for some months".................

I am facing the same problem
satyendra mishra Replied to: Suresh - 30 Oct, 2009
7: Talent is one thing; how to make use of it is another.

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States said it succinctly: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
Posted by:MATHEW MATHEW - 29 Oct, 2009
Brilliant and real.
We must press on/
parminder Replied to: MATHEW MATHEW - 30 Oct, 2009
9: Its really sad to hear this type of news, when anyone say that where is talent? C'mon, we do not lack in talent.
Posted by:brijesh - 29 Oct, 2009
talent for them means the one who can work night outs, leaving everything and still is happy not to take any pay..THEY TREAT EMPLOYEES AS DOMESTIC SERVANTS
peterparker Replied to: brijesh - 29 Oct, 2009