Taking an Initiative

By Srini Vudumula
Vice President-Global HR TAVANT Technologies
The management often fails to give due importance to its people assets. We have to move from the old mindset that expects the employee to report to the managers. Rather the manager should supervise, keeping the employee engaged. There can be huge productivity variance between a not so engaged and an engaged employee.

It’s not enough to see if the employee is satisfied, but the manager should also focus on his development, career path to achieve better results. My personal message to managers is ‘don’t wait for the HR to come and watch over your practices’.

The HR team’s job is to run a good performance and people management process. So as long the people managers understand the importance of doing a good job of people management, it will help them win the race.

It is not only the management, but front-line employees too have their part to play in enabling HR practices. If the management is taking initiative towards creating a sound people practice, the employee’s initiative matters the same. For example, when the company is ready to invest in certain hours of training for the employee, it is his initiative that determines how this benefit is availed. When the HR asks for feedback, it is important that the employee responds accordingly so that the HR can implement or correct practices. In short, the employee must be responsive to the people practices.

The employee is an important and equal stakeholder in making the organization a great place to work. Their initiative will make the difference.