Subhashini Sriram discusses her likes and dislikes during interview

By Subhashini Sriram
HR Manager Telelogic
What I like: Make your expectations clear before you take a chair in front of an interview board. It's the expectations that drive people places, but it should have a strong backup of homework. Once I met a candidate who had applied for the post of software design engineer. He wanted to change as there was a mismatch between his expectations and and the technology he was working on. He said he expected to work with the latest technology and substantiated with the research he did about the company, technology and the product line. Right now he holds the post of a product consultant in our company.

What I dont like: Never criticize anyone till you think you can prove yourself in the same situation. Few days ago, I was interviewing a candidate who said his technology manager had poor knowledge. When I asked him about the technology we were working on, he failed to reply. Candidates should know where they are getting into and what will be their contribution to the company.