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iGATE services include consulting, IT Services, Data Analytics, Enterprise Systems, BPO/BSP, Contact Center and Infrastructure Management Services.  Going beyond one time labor arbitrage, iGATE’s iTOPS model assures clients of year on year savings by process and technology optimization, access to proprietary tools and accelerators and migration to best in class processes. The iTOPS model also allows clients to convert fixed costs to variable costs and manage business spikes and troughs more efficiently.

iGATE invests its combined intelligence of global Banking industries, technology and process to continuously identify potential areas of improvement always keeping in mind the end customer. iGATE's expertise in Banking industry has been built on the experience gathered through working with Banks and Financial Institutions across geographies, across functions in technology as well as operations. Our services have aided our clients to bring about significant improvements in value delivery by way of reduction in concept-to-execution time, deliveries of high quality, cuts in integration & development costs on the technology front and also achieve operational efficiencies through  process optimization and rationalization.

iGATE’s unique Integrated Technology-Operations (iTOPS) approach offers a business outcome based model thus adding certainty to the clients’ business; enabling them to derive maximum value at increasing business efficiency levels. The iTOPS approach means a ‘one view’ on our clients’ technology and operations which helps in following a synergistic approach to achieve business benefits.