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Tieto Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Tieto is the leading IT service company in Northern Europe providing IT and product engineering services. Our highly specialized IT solutions and services complemented by a strong technology platform provide our local and global customers tangible business benefits.  We are a trusted transformation partner and close enough to understand the individual needs of each and every customer. With more than 18 000 experts, we aim to become a leading service integrator creating the best service experience in IT.

Tieto (fromerly known as TietoEnator) entered the Indian IT space through an acquisition of a company specializing in Healthcare IT-systems. It was in Pune, India in 2005

Tieto formally started operations on October 1, 2006. The Banking & Insurance Department, now the financial services department, operations were initiated on this day as part of the Indian Software centre (ISC).

In January, 2007 the two departments of Medical 3 and NDU (Nordic development unit) were merged under one department of HC&W (Healthcare & Welfare). On this date the HR Team, the ICT Team, and the Quality Management Team which were previously organized within the Medical3 organization were formally moved to ISC.


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Location: Pune