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TeleDNA Communications is a Delaware corporation with offices in Dallas, TX USA and Bangalore, India. TeleDNA develops and markets SMS/MMS/WAP based value added service products to mobile network operators around the world. TeleDNA started full time operations from June of 2001 and has deployed its SMSC and MMSC products to operators around the world.

TeleDNA was founded by experienced people from Mobile Infrastructure Development companies like Motorola, Nortel Networks and Sun Micro Systems. TeleDNA pioneers in developing MMSC, SMSC and WAPGW solutions for mobile network operators, ASPs, content providers and corporations. TeleDNA products are easily scalable from lowest capacity levels required by tier 2 and tier 3 operators to the highest capacity levels required by tier 1 operators. TeleDNA products are very price competitive in the market with full set of features and functionality.

TeleDNA has helped and is helping many mobile service providers and enterprises to increase revenues with its advanced product suite. TeleDNA product portfolio has highly scalable and robust platforms which can be deployed in Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 mobile operator networks. With more than 65 product installations around the world, TeleDNA systems are field proven and have almost all vendors network interfaces ready. As such, TeleDNA provides very fast roll-out and short time-to market to service providers.

With many firsts to its credit, TeleDNA as a unique Product company has raised to the standards of even replacing the competition and gaining about 50% market share in providing robust platforms to mobile operators in India. The robustness and scalability of the platforms has been demonstrated during peak with examples such as messaging platform handling more than 500 million messages every new year.

Majority of Value Added Services deployed by Network Operators (such as Multimedia Messaging Service and Cell Broadcast) are underutilized. The prime reason for non popularity of such services is the difficulty faced by subscribers in getting such service activated and using the service itself. Ideally, these services can yield good returns of investment for Network Operators. TeleDNA mZone is the ideal platform for operators to achieve good returns of investment, by enhancing the usage of value added services provided by the Network.

TeleDNA mZone is a VAS Application Platform that provides mobile subscribers with various Entertainment Services, using which the subscribers can share and exchange multimedia content. TeleDNA mZone provides the mZone subscribers a user-friendly and innovative method of sharing and exchanging multimedia content and taking part in contests.

TeleDNA mZone is an off-deck portal that provides a platform to exchange multimedia content between mobile users. TeleDNA mZone also provides an option to download a feature rich Mobile Client for ease of access to mZone platform and services


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