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STAG Software Private Limited is a test engineering method company. We work closely with software producers and help them deliver clean software. Established in 2000 with corporate office in Bangalore, have offices in Chennai, Tokyo and USA.

We are very passionate about testing and regard testing as a scientific bug hunting activity that delivers clean software and optimizes business results for our customers.

Our test services and solutions cater to the QA needs of startups to established companies and we have validated software across business domain - Enterprise Business Application, Embedded and Telecom.

We enable software producers to accelerate product development and significantly lower development and support costs. STAG defect detection technology STEM enables early detection of defects and enhances ability to find defects by at least THREE times, resulting in reduction of cost and time by over 30%. We also enable IT consumers to de-risk deployment and guarantee peace of mind. We have applied STEM to save over $75 Million to our customers!

We have successful engagements in:
Enterprise Business Application: ERP - Pharma, Food processing, Automotive- Retailing, SCM, eLearning, Banking, Forex, eCommerce, Logistics, Shipping, Healthcare, Hospitality.

Embedded and Telecom segments: Digit Video Technology (Set-top box), Avionics, Media streaming, Email terminal, Automative software. Telecom fraud management, WiFi certification, WiMax, GSM, Secure Network provisioning suite, Protocol stack, Mobile application.

We have independent Test Automation Group that focuses on automating functional tests and Load/Stress/Performance/Scalability(LSPS) tests and tool evaluation. We have automated applications in Banking, Healthcare, Linear Shipping agency, CRM, eLearning, Logistics, Business intelligence and Telecom using Rational, Mercury, Borland, Test Complete tools. For LSPS tests we have used LoadRunner, JMeter, eLoad. We also develop custom automation frameworks using PERL, Python, Tcl/Tk, C for automating non-GUI applications.

Our Knowledge Services Group offers specialized courses in test engineering to enhance effectiveness of testing. These courses range from entry level to advanced level and cater to QA staff, developers and managers. We have logged five person years of non-stop teaching, trained 3500 people, and conducted over 200 workshops. STAG has a strong standing for its knowledge in the industry.


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Location: Bangalore