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Hetero drugs Ltd

Hetero is a research based global pharmaceutical company focused on development, manufacturing and marketing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediate Chemicals & Finished Dosages. Ever since its establishment in 1993, Hetero showed a tradition of excellence and deep sense of commitment in developing cost effective processes to offer wide range of affordable drugs.

Hetero is building on the strengths of vertical integration in discovery research, process chemistry, API manufacturing, formulation development and commercialization. Hetero is a leading international supplier with a rich portfolio of over 200 products from wide range of therapeutic categories both in active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosages.

Hetero’s manufacturing facilities are cGMP compliant meeting global standards in terms of infrastructure and systems. Majority of them are approved by the various regulatory authorities of USFDA, WHO-Geneva, Australian TGA, Spanish agency of medicines & health care products, ANVISA-Brazil, IDA-Netherlands etc.,

With full-fledged marketing capabilities, the company has been able to market its products in over 138 countries across the globe.


    Dr. Bandi Parthasaradhi Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of Hetero group is academically endowed with a Post Graduate and Doctoral degrees with distinction in the field of synthetic chemistry. Prior to founding of Hetero Drugs Limited, Dr. B.P.S Reddy had a stint in leading pharmaceutical companies as the head of the Research & Development division. His sharp analysis and ability to synthesize various chemical compounds lead to the discovery of new processes, cost effective schemes for manufacturing of various pharmaceutical products. During the said period Dr.B.P.S Reddy has the credit of introducing many new molecules for the first time in Indian pharmaceutical market.
    A visionary the world knows as Dr. B.P.S.Reddy, is the driving force behind this growing pharmaceutical phenomenon called “HETERO”. Dr.B.P.S.Reddy’s dream child, Hetero was born in the year 1993 as a small API unit. Today, 17 years later, the name is synonymous with leadership in pharmaceuticals with more than 18 manufacturing units and 8000 employees. An entity that is grown in stature by virtue of its combined strength in research, manufacturing and marketing.
    Dr. B.P.S.Reddy steered Hetero towards the forefront of global pharmaceutical industry with his vision to be recognised as an aggressive company that combines its strength of R&D and manufacturing with definite advantages in terms of cost and chemistry with a strong emphasis on quality of the products.
    Dr. B.P.S.Reddy is now focusing on giving new dimensions to Hetero in terms of research and innovation programs in discovery research to take the company to greater heights.