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Citrix Systems was born from the idea of unlocking applications from datacenters and employees from the office – creating new ways for people and IT to work. Today, this is the promise of virtual computing, and Citrix is at the epicenter. It’s a powerful vision but one that hinges on having an infrastructure that delivers a lighter, simpler, more flexible IT. Organizations that employ the power of virtual computing will lower costs, gain greater agility, and harness new levels of creativity and productivity from their workforce. More than 230,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to help them build simpler and more cost-effective IT environments enabling virtual workstyles for users and virtual datacenters for IT. Citrix partners with over 10,000 companies worldwide in more than 100 countries. Founded in 1989, annual revenue in 2009 was $1.61 billion.

Citrix NetScaler is a Web application delivery appliance that makes applications run five times better. Available as a separate hardware network device or as a virtualized appliance, NetScaler optimizes application availability through advanced L4-7 load balancing and traffic management, accelerates performance, increases security with an integrated application firewall and substantially lowers costs by increasing Web server efficiency.

Citrix NetScaler is a fully integrated web application delivery appliance. Deployed in front of web servers, the NetScaler single, built-for-purpose hardware platform includes high-speed traffic management via load balancer and content switching with application acceleration, content caching, SSL acceleration, web application firewall, network optimization, and application performance monitoring. AppExpert Visual Policy Builder GUI-based tools, AppExpert templates, and multiple wizards make NetScaler easy to deploy, manage, and operate. Citrix proprietary nCore application accelerator technology delivers a seven-times increase in performance and scalability—at no extra cost. nCore technology breaks the single CPU performance barrier that limits the performance, scalability, and extensibility of competing web application accelerator solutions.


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