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Cerner World Headquarters Cerner World Headquarters Creating Client Value All together with more than 6,000 clients worldwide, Cerner is striving to put a system in healthcare, advance the practice of clinical medicine and find entrepreneurial ways to deliver value to our clients.

Cerner is transforming healthcare by eliminating error, variance and waste for healthcare providers and consumers around the world. Cerner solutions optimize processes for healthcare organizations ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries, for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and for the field of healthcare as a whole. Our solutions are licensed by more than 8,500 facilities worldwide.

Cerner fosters a community of care that includes physicians, staff, medical devices, and patients themselves all connecting, all collaborating, and all contributing to a continuously updated electronic medical record (EMR). The result is a single source of truth that accelerates workflow, enhances patient care, and improves outcomes for everyone.

Our technology always arises from our understanding of healthcare. We work closely with clinicians to design intuitive solutions that are easy to use, integrated, and adaptable enough to handle thousands of different clinical roles, venues and conditions.

A Systems View We believe that you start with the end in mind. Since 1979, Cerner Corporation has sought to bring a systems view to healthcare. It began in the 1980s with a commitment to integrated clinical information systems at a time of pervasive best-of-breed, evolved in the 1990s to encompass Cerner’s Community Health Model and continues today as we think about health economy strategies across the country and around the globe.


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