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Applied Materials (AMat)

Our roots are in semiconductors– computer chips. We have been a leading provider of manufacturing equipment to the semiconductor industry for decades.
Applied Materials established its fi rst India offi ce in  Bangalore, in 2002, which remains the largest employee site in India. Additi onal sites in the country include Mumbai, Chennai, and Noida (Delhi). Applied Materials works with various stakeholders toward enabling a robust semiconductor and solar manufacturing ecosystem.

Applied Materials is committed to corporate citi zenship and believes in making a positi ve social contributi on in the communiti es we operate, including supporti ng renewable energy programs and environmental educati on and related engagement and innovati on with a focus on underserved communities.

Service/product offerings
Applied Materials supplies the manufacturing equipment and services that help produce virtually every advanced semiconductor chip, fl at panel display and solar panel in the world.

Diff erenti ati ng factors

Aninda Moitra
Aninda Moitra
Vice President

Applied makes equipment that makes products that change the world. The company is focused on helping customers solve their high-value problems with diff erenti ated soluti ons to provide them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our core competencies include precision
materials engineering (the ability to manipulate materials at the atomicscale), commercializing sophisti cated systems for high volume producti on, and our global reach.

Current Status: No. of Employees, Revenue, Investors, Investment
Employees worldwide: ~13,600 regular full-ti me employees Employees India: ~ 2250regular fullti me and conti ngent employees Fiscal 2012 Revenue: $8.7B Investment opportunity: The company issues a quarterly cash dividend and a flexible stock buyback program that returns excess cash to stockholders.

Best company to work for

Applied Materials’ employees work to enable some of the most exciti ng industries on Earth – the semiconductor, display and solar manufacturing equipment industries. The company’s technology and scale has enabled the cost of a transistor to decrease 20,000,000 ti mes over the
past 30 years; the cost per area of a fl at panel display to decrease 20 times over the past 15 years, and the cost per watt of solar to decrease 5 times in the past 4 years.

The company culti vates its workforce and encourages career development, off ering targeted career ladders and internal and external technical seminars, conferences and workshops. We understand the importance of recognizing the talent we have and look for ways to empower and celebrate employee achievements through comprehensive talent recogniti on program that includes monetary and non-monetary awards, and aligns with our strategic focus so employees understand their role in helping achieve our goals.


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Vice President
Applied Materials (AMat)

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