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Our unique methodology and process helps in transforming the clients business to stay competitive and to attain the maximum benefits ou... more>>
ASM offers software development talent with experience in a wide range of business sectors, including banking, automotive, telecommunic... more>>
SoftSol drives business solutions leveraging from its rich experiences among various domains.We are committed to achieve sustainedgrowt... more>>
At McSEN Technologies Inc, we believe people are our greatest asset like crown jewel, with positive attitude and professional aptitud... more>>
Founded in 2006 and based in Bangalore, Apostek started with a mission to provide strategic development and consulting services to star... more>>
Client of MindsDirect- Is a leading MNC and is headquartered in Austin, TX and is privately held. It provides small and mid-market comp... more>>
KIZMET is a next generation global IT service and solution provider driven by innovation, solution accelerators, and industry best prac... more>>
IMASION Software Solutions is a leading Company in ready to use off the shelf product development, customized software development and... more>>
We've found a business that works the way we want to work. We work in partnership with the top brands in today's marketplace. We ma... more>>
After delivering a website, be it static or dynamic or on any other project, we make sure that it serves the purpose for which the web ... more>>
ObjectOrb is an IT Products and Services Company based in Bangalore, India. We offer products and services primarily to providers, paye... more>>
Founded in 1980, Kemwell is 100% dedicated to contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Staffed with experienced scientist... more>>
Etisbew is a global software solutions provider that has been providing high quality and effective solutions to its clients. We have bu... more>>
Pixel Quest Technologies is a Product/Infrastructure Design and Information Technology Consulting organization that provides design, si... more>>
Aarjay International in India - together, partner international manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components, for opera... more>>
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