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Meaning of Marketing research.
15 replies | Asked by Aaliya Roger | Last replied on January 09, 2016
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New! New! New! This is a message of good intentions. Of course, we need the money. Maybe your money right here: h... more>>
5 replies | Asked by Milorad Rade Savic | Last replied on August 06, 2015
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Retail marketing is one of the few mass advertising medium that can convey the same overall strategic message in diff... more>>
8 replies | Asked by Amrita Patel | Last replied on July 17, 2015
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Do they buy branded products and as like urban people do they purchase big quantity ? more>>
10 replies | Asked by Amrita Patel | Last replied on July 07, 2015
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I have heard that in my office that if bounce rate is more than it is not good actually what does it mean? more>>
12 replies | Asked by Rohit Verma | Last replied on June 25, 2015
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Hi all please tell me about this topic
10 replies | Asked by Sarmila Sur | Last replied on June 16, 2015
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can any one have the idea...
15 replies | Asked by Ankita Shrivastava | Last replied on May 26, 2015
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Kindly suggest ideas.
8 replies | Asked by Uttam Biswas | Last replied on February 04, 2015
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Let's think about this question for a moment. Without marketing you would not have prospects or leads to follow up wi... more>>
10 replies | Asked by Desai Nilima | Last replied on January 10, 2015
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This a type of ad which comes when we open new browser or new window tab. Can anyone tell me more about that ? more>>
6 replies | Asked by Rudra pratap | Last replied on October 07, 2014
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