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What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?
Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin and expressing yourself without feeling insecure or nervous. It comes when one knows one's strengths as well as faults, and accepts them to improve oneself.

Overconfidence is when a person 'believes' that he/she is right every single time and that there's nothing the others 'need' do, but follow him/her happily.

What do you think ?
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Thanks for providing such a great information. Confidence is the positive way of thinking and answer the question correctly with full confidence.
Where as overconfidence is the wrong way of thinking in which person give the answers expecting that he is always correct but he was wrong at that time.
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Confidence: Expecting right results for any work with knowing our strengths and weaknesses and according to our capacity.

Overconfidence: Expecting the best, no need for knowing our strengths and weaknesses and also capacity because we are always best.
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+ Confident
- Over-Confident

+ When your attitude matches your ability is confidence.
- When your attitude crosses your ability is over confidence.

+ Attitude and ability of a person is equally proportional
- Attitude and ability of a person is inversely proportional

+ Behaving like a innocent but genius actually.
- Behaving like a genius but innocent actually.

+ Finding the possibilities in a difficulty.
- Finding the difficulties in a opportunity.

+ Concentrating the process (90%) and the result (10%)
- Concentrating the process (10%) and the result (90%)

+ Attitude of a person will not be changed by Successes and failures.
- Attitude of a person is being sensitive to successes and failures.

+ Liking to be an important-invisible-part of team to achieve a goal
- Liking to be an usual-gimmick-kinda-part of team to achieve a goal

+ Doing a lot but speaking less
- Speaking a lot but doing nothing

+ Working hard to buy a bicycle
- Buying lottery ticket to own a car

+ Reading a quote and trying to realize it
- Reading a quote and believing it without trying to realize it.

+ I hope the above points will help at-least anyone of you.
- I hope the above points will help every-one of you.


+ I (Firt-person-sigular "I" - It should be always written in block letters only)
- i (It is showing your careless attitude).

+ Thanks (While composing mail write your thanks in title case like "Thanks").
- THANKS (If you write in block letters it sometimes it will be considered you are saying it aggressively OR without real intention).
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Confidence means is the one which each and every person should have in himself like speaking without fear in an interview be confident in what ever you do.


Over confidence means showing that you know more than others and always trying to prove your superior and over means showing too much confidence than required.
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Confidence: I m having brain which I know how to utilize and where to utilize.

Overconfidence: Whatever I do is always right.
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