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What is Job Analysis , Job Description, Job Evaluation, Job Grading, Job Specification ?
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Please let me know the answer of this.....
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so many terms related to job
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Thanks for your link. It's useful for our community.
Same material can be found at :
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Job Analysis :- Job analysis is a systematic study of a job to determine what activities and responsibilities are included, their relationships with other jobs, the personal qualifications necessary for performance of the jobs, and the conditions under which work is performed. Job analysis usually results in a job description as well as recruiting plans.

Job Description :- A written description of a job based on a job analysis, which includes information about the nature of the work to be performed, specific responsibilities and duties, and the employee skills and characteristics required to perform the job, scope and working conditions, job title and the name of the person to whom the person holding the job reports.

Job Evaluation :- Job evaluation is a system for analyzing and comparing different jobs and placing them in a ranking order according to the overall demands of each one. The objective is to assess which jobs should get more pay than others. There are two kinds of job evaluation programs: non-analytical and analytical. Non-analytical programs compare a job with others. In an analytical program, a job is split up into a number of different aspects and each factor is measured separately. Different analytical programs are factor comparison, point-factor rating, competency-based programs, and the profile method. Job evaluations assess the content of a job, not an individual’s performance of that job.

Job Grading :- Jobs are assigned a job grade based on the job value determined during the job evaluation. Jobs are classified into a grade/category structure or hierarchy. Each job is assigned to a specific grade/category. Jobs are placed with other jobs of similar requirements, duties, and responsibilities. The higher the job grade, the greater the level of responsibility and the higher the salary range.

Job Specification :- Is a document, derived from job analysis, which outlines the basic purpose of a job, nature of work, examples of typical duties and minimum requirements of employee skills and qualifications for doing that particular job.
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