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Skilled Manpower Shortage in India
INDIA is lack of skilled man power. I had a perfect reason behind this statement as we know that all the IT professionals all top students from top institutions were eager to fly to US ,UK and want to become a slave for them but not for our mother land for their status and money., so i can say all our skilled man power were becoming slaves for the other countries for the money. A research says that NASA has 20 to 30% of their employees were INDIANS. even in WHITE HOUSE the chief security officer was an INDIAN even president of USA has a chief advisory an INDIAN. So what i am concluding is INDIA had a skilled man power but flying away from the country if we can bring them back to our country definitely INDIA will be a TOP country with in 10yrs of span.
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Yes bro but india will not bare in the point of money those skilled persons. And another thing is in india north indians hates south indians south indian hates north indian and caste feeling also putting down the knowledged people.And most importent thing is corruption this is also putting down our youth skills and knowledge so they are going out and proving them selves
If the same person is here and try to show his talent no one will accept his skills whenever he proved himself in outside then onely we are recognizing him.
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I am not agree with this point that India has shortage of skilled manpower. Yes we know that skilled people are not getting chance to prove it due to lack of money and lack of support. Who can forget that A. P. J. Kalam sir he is even form a small village and thousand of people who are place in good companies. One thing is missing in Indian is opportunities. This is true that everyone should love their motherland but this is also true that everyone all do need money according to their excellence. But they are not getting paid in India. We can see that thousand of skilled Indian are in countries like USA, UK and many more they flied their because they are getting good packages there and why foreign countries are paying good amount to an Indian because they know the importance of Indian brains they are getting paid what they deserve. So how can we say that " SKILLED MANPOWER SHORTAGE IN INDIA " only requirement is to stop them to fly abroad by providing a good platform in India.
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I don't say that India is completely lacking good manpower but only that we have less number of skilled manpower. This is mainly because of lack of proper opportunities for growth in India and low compensation for their talents which is making Indians to migrate to other countries.

And the second point I want to mention is that the education system in India is not effective, enough to create skilled manpower which won't give proper practical knowledge of they are studying which generally creates a gap between the knowledge they have and how to apply it which is an essential quality of a skilled manpower.

May be there other reasons too, but I feel these two are the major reasons for why India is lacking skilled manpower. If they are provided good opportunities in their respective fields, discourage brain drain and improve the educational system I am sure India going to be a country with skilled manpower. Thanks!
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