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How to withdraw my PF amount without employers interference ?
Hi all Please consider my problem. 3 and 1/2 years back I worked for a Private Company and I served that company for 2.5 years almost. Unfortunately due to my personal reasons I just left the employer without serving the notice period. When I approached the employer for claiming my PF amount they were not helping me out for claiming. They have to certify me and help out on to claim my PF amount but they are not doing.

I have my PF account number with me.

Can anyone sugesst me, how to claim my PF account without the interference for the previous employer. is there any option of approaching the PF office directly?
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One option is to submit form 13 to the present employer by which you can transfer the entire pf balance with previous employer to you present employer, provided your previous employer had filed their return regularly.
Second option fill up PF withdrawal form get it notorised in the place where employer has to sign submit to pf office with your covering letter indicating the reason why you can't get previous employers' signature.
Third option to discuss the matter with Asst. Commissioner who is handling the particular PF a/c.
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I have worked in one company for 3.4years and now i understood from other colleagues that company is not updated PF amount in PF office. 3 months ago i left the company but still i didn't got the PF.

In this scenario what I should do?
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You have the right to withdraw your PF accumulations whether the employer wants it or not. As you have left without proper resignation or notice period, I guess the employer is not willing to attest your forms without clearing out your dues.

In such a scenario, you can lodge a complaint directly with the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner of the region where your PF account is held.

However, before submitting the complaint, I would suggest that you send a Registered Letter to the VP / AVP - HR of the company that you were working with and demand for an attestation of your PF documents and inform that in case they are not willing to do so, you would lodge a complaint directly with the PF Commissioner and would take necessary legal steps as well.

Usually, the companies clear up the PF documents simply with such a threat. However, if they don't, Go ahead with you complaint to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner whose address you can find from the website
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First of all, speak with your previous employer and explain the inability of serving notice period and get relieved properly. This will give you a good future in employment side.

Though you are having right to withdraw your pf accumulations, it is best to get transfered to the present employment or to the employment account going tobe joined.
However, the following is for your information
Procedure to withdraw the pf amount
step.1:you can contact local pf office and collect form 19 and 10c (or)You can download withdrawal form in Form 19 and 10C , NSSN FORM from the website EPFO.
step2: you can fillup all the details about yourself and fill the bank account coloumn with your savings bank account.
step3: Open a savings bank account preferably with nationalised bank - mention the account number inthe forms 19 and 10C - also attach a xerox copy of the first page of the passbook(depicting the bank account number, branch location etc.,)
step4:you send the complete set of forms with enclosures to the previous employer for forwarding the forms to pf office
step5.You can obtain attestation in the column of attestation of employer/authorised person :: (if you want to send the claim straight to pf office) from the bank manager with which you are having savings bank account
step6:you can send the set of forms to the PF office in which your previous employer have accounts - by registered post.

Procedure to transfer the pf amount
step.1:You can collect Form 13 from your HR/Personnel department of your present employer (or)download withdrawal form in Form 13 from the website EPFO.
step2: you can fillup all the details about your pf account with previous employer, name & address of the previous employer and SIGN
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