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E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?
E-learning is a method in which one learns through computers. It is the better way of utilizing technology in education. This is certainly a welcoming educational practise that saves time n avoids us from boring and lengthy timings of classroom learning. But. In this practise of learning, there will not be interactions among students, which leads to lack of communication. E-learning can only provide bookish knowledge but it does nothing to develop character of students, and no motivations are given. Through this e-learning, one can visualise the things easily as it picturizes everything but not al the students can understand everything easily. Only skiled n knowledged student understands everything. Then what about students of low standard?

Here comes the necesity of classroom teaching. In classroom teaching, a teacher understands the mentality, ability of students and teaches according to that! Moreover discipline, communication skills, relationship management, moral values etc can only learnt through classroom experiences.

Not that e-learning is bad but, it is better learning method for graduates rather than school students. Finally I want to conclude that e-learning should be added to classroom teaching but should not replace it.
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What ever it may be, "One can never substitute the other."

In classrooms we are monitored by the lecturers, we inculcate discipline along with learning in classrooms, we get the opportunity to ask the doubts then and there it self thereby getting exposure to talk in the general public without any fear.We get along with many persons and can discuss on the subject without and can extract as much knowledge as possible from the faculty.We put our hundred percent effort in listening to the lecture.More over we can get detached to attachment and pay much heed to the lecture.We can reduce time in discussions either with faculty or with anyone.

In E-learning we can save time to a maximum possible extent, and can learn whenever we are free, we can discuss in forums, can be listened as many times as possible and can get command over the subject.As it is computer based everything will be in 3-D form through which it is easy to remember.For overseas learning it plays a vital role.It is not always possible to go to other country to listen to a lecture and come, so this is a substitute to that problem.

So depending upon the situation one chooses form the above two.But none can replace the other
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I think that e-learning can never be replaced by class learning..why e learning is not suitable.

1. E-learning is not suitable for the person who has just started to go to school as that child need to be taught from the root level by a good and experienced teacher and help the child in its learning with all his supports...

2. Although we know that a e-book is onr kind of encyclopedia and is beeter updated than a experienced teacher bt considering all the facts in class room learning a topic is clearly explained among the students with a well experienced teacher's experience plus 50-60 brain's ideas and expressions on the topic.

3. In class room learning there is chance for the students to clear their doubts from their teachers whereas in e-learning there is no such scope..
Besides all this negative aspects e-learning is suitable for the graduates or professionals in their distant education programmes or to upgrade their knowledge....
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Technology changes when time will change. We have to use technology to change our time in this competetive world. So E-learning also provides good environment to students to learn anywhere,anytime. If we can't able understand teacher's lecture,we can listen that lecture once again. We can clarify our doubts by sending mail or comment to teacher.Also,there is a need to provide good learning environment to student in e-learning. E-learning is compatible not only for college students,but also for outsiders.

There is no doubt in "e-learing is not a substitue for classroom learning" according to present situations. In class room learning,it is compatible for every ordinary person to understand lesson by listening.And we can also clarify our doubts by asking our teachers. Thus class room learning provides user friendly learning environment to every student.
Finally, my conclusion is that, e-learning may be substitue for classroom learning if it provides good learning environment to student in e-learning system.
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In my view,for talented self interested persons,E-Learning is not a matter.But for an ordinary person,it is very difficult.Because there wont be any interaction between them for doubt clearance.Also there wont be any eye contacts so there might be a chance for skiping without listening.

Teachers play an important role in the student's subject interest.But here this a manless machine oriented teaching.So its very hard for all persons tohave this successfully..

Also it matters now for people who wants to upgrade their skills and in job. then e-learning helps them. Fresher who finish their classes and want to be more competitive then surely e- learning will be a good option for them.
Even SiliconIndia is having Online education where people can find out suitable courses fto improve technical skills.
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