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View Rohit  Verma 's Profile
I have heard that in my office that if bounce rate is more than it is not good actually what does it mean?  more>>
9 replies | Asked by Rohit Verma | Last replied on February 19, 2015
View Ankita Shrivastava 's Profile
can any one have the idea... 
9 replies | Asked by Ankita Shrivastava | Last replied on February 11, 2015
View Uttam  Biswas 's Profile
Kindly suggest ideas. 
8 replies | Asked by Uttam Biswas | Last replied on February 04, 2015

General Awareness

View Sarmila  Sur 's Profile
Typically, you check your credit information report (CIR) when your loan gets rejected and the lender tells...  more>>
2 replies | Asked by Sarmila Sur | Last replied on March 02, 2015
View Aaliya  Roger 's Profile
The total Mumbai film unit has became commercialized, the story with which they were acquainted as they are...  more>>
2 replies | Asked by Aaliya Roger | Last replied on March 02, 2015
View Nihal  Mehta 's Profile
1. Try to control your defensiveness. Fear of hurting you or having to deal with defensive or justifying be...  more>>
0 replies | Asked by Nihal Mehta | Posted on February 27, 2015

My First Experience

View Nalini  Rai 's Profile
My first interview was with TCS Company. I cleared the written test and was waiting for the interview. I wa...  more>>
21 replies | Asked by Nalini Rai | Last replied on February 20, 2015
View Abhilasha Sharma 's Profile
First interview is the thing which hardly people forget. My first interview was also a memorable thing for ...  more>>
16 replies | Asked by Abhilasha Sharma | Last replied on February 07, 2015
View Sarvesh  Sharma 's Profile
My first interview was a blunder. Actually the day started from mistakes only.. Morning missed the bus and ...  more>>
8 replies | Asked by Sarvesh Sharma | Last replied on January 13, 2015
Technologies Discussion Forum +Start new topic
View Rama prasad jena 's Profile
HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core te...  more>>
0 replies | Asked by Rama prasad jena | Posted on April 29, 2014
View Hardik  Nayak 's Profile
To displays the system messages contained in the kernel ring buffer we use dmesg command.  more>>
1 replies | Asked by Hardik Nayak | Last replied on March 02, 2015
View Deepti  Talwar 's Profile
Please help me to create database using PHP and MySQL 
1 replies | Asked by Deepti Talwar | Last replied on March 02, 2015
Software Testing Forum
View Nihal  Mehta 's Profile
they both are in mainframe but what is it can anyone tell me 
1 replies | Asked by Nihal Mehta | Last replied on March 02, 2015
View Avinash  Bhatt 's Profile
In traditional testing methodology testing is always done after the build and execution phases. But that's...  more>>
0 replies | Asked by Avinash Bhatt | Posted on February 25, 2015
View Anisha Das 's Profile
Constructor is a special method of a class, which is called automatically when the instance of a class is c...  more>>
0 replies | Asked by Anisha Das | Posted on February 24, 2015
HR & Career Forum
View Balvinder  Sehgal 's Profile
In my office, one of the directors drivers was involved in making tea using the wrong method. So on e of my...  more>>
1 replies | Asked by Balvinder Sehgal | Last replied on March 02, 2015
View Aakil  vemula 's Profile
Can someone help me to know the difference between Show Cause notice and Chargesheet, I was asked this que...  more>>
1 replies | Asked by Aakil vemula | Last replied on March 02, 2015
View Deepali  Rai 's Profile
Let me know......... 
1 replies | Asked by Deepali Rai | Last replied on March 02, 2015
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